Phenolic Laminates
Phenolic Laminates
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
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Underwriters Laboratories

Fine Woven Cotton Fabric-Based Phenolic Laminate SDC-4060:
Commonly known as Fine Woven Fabric-Based Phenolic Laminate/Brown Phenolic Laminate/FW
Fabric-based phenolic laminate combines a modified phenolic resin and a heavy woven cotton fabric as reinforcement. It is highly heat resistant and does not creep under high temperature. Fabric-based phenolic laminate has superb mechanical property, with their toughness and high impact strength it allows the fabrication of gears/cogs and pulleys. These type of gears and pulleys are hard-wearing, has relatively low noise and prolong the life span of the machinery.
細棉布製 SDL-4060
Thickness: 0.3~30.0mm
Colour: Brown
Size: 1000 x 1000 mm / 1020 x 1020 mm
Resin: Phenolic
Reinforcement: Bleached Fine Woven Fabric
Flame Classification: (UL94)94HB
Characteristics: Excellent electrical property, Excellent mechanical property, Excellent heat resistance, Excellent acid resistance, Good solvent resistance, Easy to process. Thickness<2.5mm suitable for hot-punching.
Applications: Machine spare parts, gears, scrapers, pneumatic tools, motors, conveyer machine, textile machinery.
Fabrication Type: For hot-punching 80-120℃
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