Phenolic Laminates
Phenolic Laminates
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
Underwriters Laboratories
Underwriters Laboratories
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Besides the phenolic resinWikipedia Phenolic Resin, phenolic resin laminates/phenolic laminateWikipedia Phenolic Laminate (paper or fabric based) and prepreg, Syndyne also provides the following industrial materials:
  1. FR-4 (G-10): Glass Epoxy Resin Fabric Sheet
  2. Glass Epoxy Resin Fabric Rod
  3. Glass Epoxy Resin Fabric Tube
  4. CEM: Composite Epoxy Glass Fabric Material
  5. PE: Polyethylene
  6. PC: Polycarbonate
  7. PVC: Polyvinyl-chloride
  8. Phyogopite
  9. Fiber
  10. Durostone Sheet
  11. plastic
  12. cushion kraft paper, wood back-up board (middle/high density fiber board), melamine board
Syndyne has a fabrication department that is able to provide you the products with the requested dimensions.