Phenolic Laminates
Phenolic Laminates
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
Underwriters Laboratories
Underwriters Laboratories
Phenolic Resin Laminate (Phenolic Laminate) Manufacturing Process
Resin Production 1. Resin Production
Phenolic resin is made with advanced technology from highly purified raw materials.

Reinforcement 2. Reinforcement
Excellent quality paper or cotton cloth is used as reinforcement.

Impregnation Drying 3. Impregnation Drying
The reinforcement is impregnated in the resin dipping tank, then passed through rollers into the oven for drying to create the prepreg.

Weighing & Building-up 4. Weighing & Building-up
Each set of prepreg is accurately weighed and stacked in the building-up process.

Hot Pressing 5. Hot Pressing
Each set of prepreg is now processed in the hot molding press under the accurately adjusted temperature, pressure and time duration to create the laminate.

Trimming, Inspection and Packing 6. Trimming, Inspection and Packing
The final products are trimmed and undergo strict inspection prior to packing.

Stock Warehouse 7. Stock Warehouse
The final products are stored in a well organized warehouse to ensure the shortest delivery time.