Phenolic Laminates
Phenolic Laminates
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
Underwriters Laboratories
Underwriters Laboratories
About Syndyne
With our down to earth attitude,
we continue to grow as high as the sky can take us.

Syndyne Industrial Co. Ltd. was established in 1983, and remains at the top of the elite in Taiwan.

We have:
The best equipment in production;
The best equipped R&D instruments;
The most well trained technicians;
The richest in manufacturing experiences
The best selection in products variety;
The full dedication to service.
Syndyne surpasses its competitors with its advanced automation and excellent production techniques. Our insistence in maintaining the products of the highest standard and the continuous search for perfection makes it possible for us to continuously export around the world. Our highly praised “Phenolic ResinWikipedia Phenolic Resin Laminates” are UL recognized in material classification and have ISO-9001 certificated quality assurance.
Although Syndyne is prominent in the insulating industries and has become the model for its competitors, it does not change its objective to “exceed the exceeded and improve the improved”. We hope with our best talents, quality and service, that we will continue to grow with the international economy and technology.
Yi-Shiung Huang