Phenolic Laminates
Phenolic Laminates
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
ISO 9001 Certified A216926
Underwriters Laboratories
Underwriters Laboratories

Flame Resistant Paper-Based Thin-Type Phenolic Laminate SDF-600C:
Commonly known as Flame Resistant Phenolic Laminate/Fire Resistant Phenolic Laminate/94V-0 Phenolic Laminate/NFC/BFC
Flame resistant phenolic laminate is suitable for warm-punching. Syndyne's SDF-600C complies to flame classification of 94V-0 which qualifies with the highest safety standard.
耐燃薄版 SDF-600C
Thickness: 0.5~2.5mm
Colour: Natural、Black
Size: 1020 x 1020 mm
Resin: Phenolic
Reinforcement: Insulating material – Cotton Paper
Flame Classification: (UL94)94V-0
Characteristics: Excellent electrical property, Excellent mechanical property, Excellent heat resistance, Excellent acid resistance, Good solvent resistance, Easy to process. It is suitable for cold-punching.
Applications: High-tech television parts, high-tech electrical/electronic/mechanical insulation parts, radio parts, switches, telecommunication apparatus.
Fabrication Type: Hot Punching 50-80℃
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